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Summer Day


Let me start by saying that waking up and putting workout clothes on right away is no guarantee of future workout.  It just means I’ve somehow, irrationally, become insanely optimistic in the overnight hours.  But it begins to explain why I spent the day in running clothes.  

Then we had swim team practice for the kids in the rain, which means that everyone who isn’t swimming (which is a group roughly comparable to the population of Lichtenstein) is packed in to the only spot in the swim club with a roof.  This spot is officially called the Pavilion, but my kids can never remember that word so they’ve taken to calling it the Babillion.  While that’s really not any easier to say, the name has stuck.

After that, haircuts for the boys.  And during Evan’s haircut, well . . . let’s just say nobody was injured.  That alone is enough to justify a reward of chocolate milkshakes for all.  And when ordering the shakes, I accidentally included myself in the headcount.  Oops.  So much for day two of the diet.

After dinner, friends stopped by, which turned into about an hour of muddy kids and lost dogs and lost kids and muddy dogs.  There was a lot of confusion but in the end everyone seems to have ended up in the right house with the right pets.  

And, finally, bedtime.  Glorious bedtime.  And tonight, an extra-special treat.  Tonight, I gave Evan an extra squeeze and whispered, “I love you,”  And then Evan whispered back, “I love you too.”

Well, well, well.  That’s brand-new.  But I don’t think anything I can say will do it justice, and no words will describe that feeling, so I’ll end here for the night.