Once upon a time, I went to college and figured I’d get a job writing for a cool magazine and I’d live in New York and wear killer shoes to fancy parties.

You will be shocked to learn that none of those things actually happened.

One left turn led to another, and I got married, bought a house in the burbs, and had a kid.  And then, 19 months later, had another.  And then, 19 months after that, had another.  And just about as soon as the third kid was born, we discovered that the second kid has autism.

What followed was several blurry years of babies, toddlers, therapists, meetings, playdates, and a fair amount of whining from all of us.  I remember lots of take-out and very little sleep or shampoo.

Now those kids are 6, 8, and almost 10.  We’ve  added an assortment of furry, feathered, and gilled creatures.  Still in the burbs, driving a minivan, and starting to wonder if it’s time to start making a little space for myself.  Blogging is the first, timid little step in that direction.

Please visit, tell your friends, and give me some feedback.  I’d love to hear tips and comments on what I’m writing and what you think.

Thanks for visiting!


PS.  In case you’re wondering, “what’s with the name of this blog?”  Here’s the story:   One day, our son Evan entered the room sputtering, flapping his hands, and humming in falsetto.  Our daughter turned to a visitor and, by way of explanation, casually said, “Evan’s being really autizzy today.”  I shared this story with a friend, who said, “you need to write a blog, and you need to name it autizzy.”  And, so I did.


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  1. Laura I finely looked up your blog today. What a good writer you are I can’t wait to finish reading the rest. Lookiong forward to the rest of your adventures. Hope to see you guys again sometime!!
    Cathy (Julie’s friend)

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